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Welcome to PSMCHS Online Educational Institute Management System!

Brig.Gen. / Dr. Eidan Musa Al Zahrani
College Director

Welcome to Prince Sultan Military College of Health Sciences Online Management Information System. You will be pleased to know that we have developed vast  infrastructure for instant communication and centralized access data management. The College is continuously progressing ahead in pursuite of excellence in imparting quality Student Academic Records Management and Human Resource Management.

PSMCHS - Information Technology Department has proposed an integrated management system which will automate the college administrative work to lead for a Paperless Management. Educational Institute Management System (E.I.M.S) will be developed to improve the efficiency and minimize the human mistakes. The implementation of EIMS will not only speed up activities of the daily work but also provide self management services.


Carrier Oppurtunity

Procedure for Submitting Online Job Application

Note: Recommended browser: Any browser other than Internet Explorer
Choose the Desired Job and Click Next
Review the Job Requirements and Click Next
Job Application will be open and Complete the Following Mandatory Information

  • Applicant Information
  • Qualification Information
  • History of Employment
  • English Level
  • Contact Information
  • Tick the Accept and Acknowledged Checkbox

Important: Make sure all above mandatory fields are filled properly as per instructions.
Document Uploading

  • Document Type: Select the Document Type to be uploaded [make sure the file type is PDF and not more than 2MB].
  • Click on Browse button and click Upload button for uploading. [Uploaded document will be shown]

To continue uploading documents, select another document type and choose file and click upload.
Once documents are uploaded click Next Button at end of page
Finally Click Submit for Confirmation.

For assistance, please contact Recruitment Unit Tel#0138405438 During working hours from 08:00 am to 15:30
** يتحمل المتقدم مسؤولية إرفاق المستندات المطلوبة كاملة ولن يتم النظر في الطلبات الغير مكتملة** Applicants are fully responsible for submitting required documents. Incomplete documents will not be considered
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