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Prince Sultan Military College of Health Sciences (PSMCHS) was inaugurated on Safar 16 1409, corresponding to September 27 1988 by his Highness, Prince Sultan Ibn Abdulaziz Al-Saud, the Minister of Defense and Aviation. PSMCHS was established by the Medical Services Division (MSD) of the Ministry of Defense and Aviation (MODA). Its purpose is to provide the opportunity for young Saudi nationals to train for a career in the field of Applied Health Care. The College is accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education.

The specialized allied health training programs which are offered by PSMCHS were chosen in response to the need for skilled, technically qualified personnel in various clinical and medical departments. The programs were designed to give the students a sound theoretical and practical knowledge in a range of clinical specialty areas. In full operation, PSMCHS will be able to satisfy MODA's demand for a steady supply of well-trained allied health graduates for all MSD hospital departments and clinics throughout the Kingdom.


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