EIMS Overview

Job Application

EIMS Online Job Application module will allow the visitor to submit the resume for available vacant positions. The resume will be ranked automatically and short listed by EIMS.


The Recruitment process begins with short listed applicants and forwarded to concern department for review. Human Resources Department specialist will take care of the rest procedure.

Employee Profile

The confirmed Employee Profile is then created along with unique Employee Number. All relevant information of the employee is accessible by Employee Profile.

Personnel Actions

During employement period of the employee, any kind of Personnel Actions such as Promotion, Ammendments, Contract Revision, Resignation etc; are carried out through personnel actions form, subjected to approval.


An employee will be Re-Contracted in accordance with performace evaluation and wish of the employee. Contracting period is subjected to policy and procedure of PSMCHS.

Leave and Travel

Leave and Travel module will keep track of employee leave history during the employment. All earned leaves can be used perior to End of Contract - Four (4) months. *Conditions Apply.


The significant aim of EIMS is to provide self services. PSMCHS employee have the privilage to access personal information during the employment. EIMS encoureges the employees to access EIMS online and get self serviced such as;

  • Employee Profile / Re-Contracting History
  • Service Requisitions, Leave Requisitions / Balance and Calculation, Return From Leave

How EIMS Works

Step 1

Login or Create login ID to access EIMS.

Step 2

Through EIMS friendly interface get facilited.