ERMS Overview

Registration & Admission

ERMS Online Registration module will allow the applicant to submit the Online Application Form with applied specialty. The submitted application forms will be ranked automatically by ERMS and short listed applicants will get admission.

Semester Enrollment

The Semester Enrollment process begins with the start of academic semester. Students have to enrolled themselves in the offered semester courses. For further assistance contact Registration & Admission Department.

Student Profile Information

The Student Profile Information is entered during the registration time and is accessible by the students to make any ammendments with time during study period. This information helpful for communication.


Student's Examinations & Assessments information will be Maintained ny PSMCHS Faculty which is accessible by the studnets to know the academic standings with time to time.


Scheduling is core module of ERMS. The schedule can be viewed in variety of ways such as Semester Wise, Group Wise, Instructor Wise and Student Wise.


Mission of alumni is supporting PSMCHS's students & graduates in all means. The vision is to raise the level of awareness of how qualified PSMCHS graduates are locally and internationally.


The significant aim of ERMS is to provide self services to Studnets, Faculty Members and PSMCHS Staff during the education period. ERMS encoureges to get self serviced such as;

  • Student Profile Information / Academic History
  • Semester Enrollment, Scheduling, Assessments and Examinations

How ERMS Works

Step 1

Login or Create login ID to access ERMS.

Step 2

Through ERMS friendly interface get facilited.