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Research Application Management System
RAMS is a web-based system initiated and designed by the Vice Deanship of Postgraduate Studies and Research in collaboration with the Information Technology Department for tracking research applications.

We'll Make Sure Your Research Works For You

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The Vice Deanship of Postgraduate Studies and Research (VDPSR). is dedicated to develop, enhance, and reinforce its commitment to scientific research. The Research Unit is working to provide optimum environment, create collaborative opportunities to share and develop research activities, and research tools in order to carry out research in all departments.

The Vice Deanship of Postgraduate Studies and Research encourages the conduct of research in the various departments and in collaboration with other educational institutions, agencies, and organizations. The college is firmly committed to adhering to basic ethical principles underlying the acceptable conduct of research involving human subjects. Additionally, students can be part in such research projects and collaborate with faculty in developing and running research projects, where outcomes can improve the general health of all population.

This website is a tool to achieve the VDPSR action plan with its five major goals:
Goal 1: Strengthen research capacity through ensuring effective leadership and administration services and support
Goal 2: Promote involvement of faculty and students in research
Goal 3: Encourage and support research commercialization
Goal 4: Provide state of the art facilities and equipment appropriate for research
Goal 5: Enhance the research/researchers visibility, understanding and reputation of institution

Research Application Management System

Research Overview

KACST National Committee of Bioethics (NCBE), Implementing Regulations of the Law of Ethics of Research on Living Creatures (1437/2015).

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