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Research Application Management System
RAMS is a web-based system initiated and designed by the Vice Deanship of Postgraduate Studies and Research in collaboration with the Information Technology Department for tracking research applications.


Promote scientific research to contribute to the benefit of the College, to its community and to the health of humanity.


Creating the research character through providing a stimulating attractive research environment for the faculty members, researchers and students.

Objectives and Responsibilities of the Vice Deanship

The Vice Deanship of Graduate Studies & Scientific Research aims to regulate the scientific research affairs at the college. It also aims to provide support and encouragement to objectives that are listed below, but not limited to, the following:

1. Encouragement of the academic scientific research and promotion of its standards.

2. Development for an attractive research climate and building research capacities of faculty members, researchers and students of the college.

3. Creation of scientific research relationships with other institutions internally.

4. Supporting scientific research by providing essential resources to facilitate the task of researchers.

5. With the support of the college, the vice deanship of scientific research will contribute in scientific research through the adoption of scientific seminars, research projects and attract external experts.

6. Helping faculty members and researchers at the college to publish in impact scientific journals as per issued college’s policy.

7. Helping in opening channels of communication with various scientific research institutions.

8. Providing appropriate financial support for publication of scientific papers presented by faculty members and researchers in scientific indexed journals.

9. Formulating and coordinating other committees of scientific research as needed.

10. Manage scientifically, administratively and financially the research activities at the College.

11. Prepare and plan the annual research budget for the College.

12. Provide the necessary financial resources to fund college research from the College and outside resources.

13. Prepare the annual report for the Vice Deanship for Scientific Research.

Research Application Flow Chart
About RAMS: Researh Application Management System
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Research Application Management System

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KACST National Committee of Bioethics (NCBE), Implementing Regulations of the Law of Ethics of Research on Living Creatures (1437/2015).

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