Surveys Management Information System

About SMIS
Automated PSMCHS - Surveys

The main purpose is to shed light on the student perception on the quality of higher education instructional process in the state system, as well as to discover the extent to which students are satisfied with their institution across the seven dimensions examined:

  1. The roles of teachers in higher education
  2. The qualities of a teacher
  3. The attitude of teacher and its impact on student
  4. The student-teacher relationship
  5. The effectiveness of assessment
  6. Teaching methods and Student learning
  7. Student time for individual study

We're conducting surveys on semester basis through SMIS. We'd love to hear from you about your valuable feedback. This will help us make improvements to the existing tool and prioritize new features. The survey should only take 5 minutes or less, and your responses are completely anonymous.

We really appreciate your input!