As the main stakeholders in higher education, it is logical to research the student perspective on the educational process. Feedback systems in the context of a centralised institute framework which provides guidelines, codes of practice, questionnaire templates and informal feedback and these are supplemented by questionnaires at module, year and programme level, containing both central and departmental questions. Student evaluation of teaching performance and the instaructional process involved is a commonly accepted means of obtaining feedback on the quality of university teaching. However, its usefulness in contributing to improved teaching performance and the whole instructional process are dependent on the extent to which staff responds to and apply the information obtained in this way.

The key element is to achieve student satisfaction in order to gain competitive advantage, and with pressure on institutions to increase student enrolments and retention, the emphasis placed on a positive student experience has become much greater. Furthermore, achieving positive word of mouth from current students and alumni is a vital element of every institution’s promotional mix.

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